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WordPress MultiManager – Manage All Your WordPress Sites Easily

Meet WordPress MultiManager - our new, completely free solution designed to streamline productivity for WordPress users. With WordPress MultiManager, you can effortlessly manage multiple WordPress sites directly from your ICDSoft Account Panel, regardless of where they are hosted.

Once you connect a WordPress site, you can update its core, plugins, themes, install new plugins and themes, manage WordPress users, and more! WordPress MultiManager allows you to perform these tasks for a single, select few, or all of your connected WordPress websites, which makes it a powerful tool that brings efficiency and control to your WordPress workflow.

Get Extra Peace of Mind With the Extended Backups Service

We have always offered free daily backups for all accounts, and we will continue to do it as we know how important this service is for our clients.

Still, there are some cases where a week-old backup is not good enough, and a backup that is at least a month old is needed to restore everything. The solution is our new Extended Backups service - at just 3 USD/mo, you get a year's worth of backups.

For the best possible account protection, you can combine the Extended Backups upgrade with our Advanced Security service. Both services can be purchased via the Upgrades section available in the management page for each hosting account.

Free Website Acceleration by ICDSoft

To give your websites great performance and stability, we utilize our new hardware platform based on the latest Intel Xeon processors and Linux KVM virtualization, and we add the following server-side optimization techniques on top:

  • PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) paired with OPcache
  • Server-side caching powered by NGINX

Our new performance optimizations are available for FREE on all hosting plans!

Meet SocialSync - Our Social Media Backup Service and Site Generator

The SocialSync Web Platform is a FREE service that comes with every ICDSoft hosting account. It allows you to back up your social media posts at Facebook and Instagram, along with the media files they contain, on the hosting account you have with us.

You can also use SocialSync to automatically create a site that contains your public posts. Generating a site is optional, and you can think of it as putting your posts into a digital album or a personal blog. Again, all data is stored on your hosting account with us, and you are in complete control of it. All of this is provided through a convenient interface accessible via your hosting Control Panel.

Host Multiple Sites With Our SmartVPS Platform

With a SmartVPS plan from ICDSoft, you can host your and your clients web projects under separate hosting accounts, or as separate websites under the same account using the new "Addon Domains" feature. Furthermore, each addon domain has its own separate, fully functional mailboxes.

The SmartVPS platform gives you access to all great features ICDSoft provides, and all this at a great price!

New Website Builder Available

Create high-quality, responsive websites with our new Website Builder.

Available for free with each Economy, Business, and Business Plus plan, the new ICDSoft Website Builder is suitable for a wide variety of sites, including blogs, presentation and portfolio pages, e-commerce stores, etc.

Building a website has never been easier!